Atomic Spring Strap Assembly - Pair

Atomic Spring Strap Assembly - Pair
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  • Item #: 05-0025-3P
  • Manufacturer: Atomic Aquatics
  • Condition: New

The Atomic Aquatics Spring Strap is our newest innovation. Like every product we make, our innovative design rethinks and improves upon the concept. What's unique is the "variable pitch" of the stainless steel spring (Pat.Pend). Unlike other spring straps that have a constant coil of the same diameter, our new spring straps have a variable pitch and section geometry (they change shape) in specific regions of the strap. These special shaped regions allow the spring to stretch more easily for a more comfortable fit and make them stronger to resist breakage or permanant deformation if they are over-stretched or abused. The spring straps are fitted to our patented quick release buckle system permitting simple, one handed removal or attachment.

These new straps will also retrofit any existing Atomic Aquatics open heel Split Fins by simply snapping them on in place of the old straps. Constructed of rust resistant type 316 stainless steel, this may be the last fin strap you ever buy.

*Atomic fins only

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