Bare Womens XCS2 Pro Dry Drysuit

Bare Womens XCS2 Pro Dry Drysuit
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The BARE XCS2 Pro Dry, Dry Suit comes with Latex Neck Seal and a 2mm Nylon/Smooth-Skin Warm Collar with Vented Neck Drain that provides an Improved Seal with the BARE Dry Hood.

The Suit has a Si-Tech 360° degree Swivel Inflator Valve (default placement on the center of the chest) and Arm Mounted Exhaust Valve (default valve placement on upper left arm). Inflator comes equipped with a 3/8" Threaded Low Pressure Hose. This Low-Profile design of the Si-Tech Inflation Valve helps Reduces the likelihood of Snagging on Kelp, Seaweed, Fishing Line, etc. The Inflator Valve Rotates to any Point-Desired for Easy-Hose-Connection and Moves-with- the-Diver during the Dive for More-Freedom of Movement. Suit has HD Bottleneck Latex Wrist Seals with Talc Bag and Pre-Installed Suspender Tabs ready to accept optional suspenders.

K-PADZ (Kevlar) Knee Protection is an Extremely-Abrasion and Tear Resistant Fabric provides the Highest-Degree of Protection from unwanted Punctures and Tears. Suit has Compression-Resistant Soft Boot, Premium BADGING and Reflective Patches for Visibility in Low Light Conditions. Suit is made from 2mm Hyper-Compressed FULL-STRETCH Neoprene that Minimizes Changes in Buoyancy and Thermal Protection at Depths. DIAMOND-TUFF" Nylon Laminate on the Exterior and a High-Stretch Interior Laminate provide 4-Way Stretch enhancing your Freedom of Movement.

Newly Advanced NST (No Stitch Technology) process uses the latest Double Heat Tape Technology allowing for Pin Stripe" Tape to be used, Enhancing-the-Suits Overall Stretch Characteristics. The TIZIP Master-Seal Main Rear Entry Zipper with Internal Protective Flap offers Improved Flexibility over Traditional Brass Zippers and is a Lower-Profile Design. Inner Fabric is a High-Stretch and Very-Smooth-Blend of Nylon and Spandex for a Frictionless" Donning with BARE Thermal Layers. PROTEKT Shoulder, Underarm and Elbow Protection, provide the Next-Generation of Abrasion and Wear Resistance and offer a High-Degree of Stretch for Comfort and Freedom of Movement.
Suit includes a Dry Suit Duffel Bag; Owner's Manual

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