Cressi Ellipse Octopus

Cressi Ellipse Octopus
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  • Item #: HX817000
  • Manufacturer: Cressi
  • Condition: New

Excellent breathing performance, with all the technological innovation and easy maintenance features of the Ellipse second stage, means divers never have to settle for reduced performance from their safe second.

-Large, elliptical shaped diaphragm provides a natural mechanical advantage for easier breathing yet feels streamlined and unobtrusive.

-Dive/pre-dive adjustment switch manages Venturi effect to prevent freeflow at surface.

-Internal heat exchanger helps reduce freeze-ups in cold water.

-Elliptical casing uses a fold out opening and instant cam-lock closure for fast access and maintenance.
-A special folding diaphragm is uses a large, computer designed regulator lever.   
-The second stage case can be quickly separated from internal components for faster, easier maintenance.

-High-visibility yellow markings make these second stages easy-to-see for use as an octopus or safe-second.

-Long, 36-inch yellow hose included with each for additional visibility and easier air sharing.

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