Dive Rite Airflex High Pressure Braided 6" Hose

Dive Rite Airflex High Pressure Braided 6" Hose
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  • Item #: HBHP6
  • Manufacturer: Dive Rite
  • Condition: New

Light and extremely flexible, our Airflex hoses carry an average lifespan that is 3x longer than standard rubber hoses. Built with durability in mind, the Dive Rite Airflex hoses are designed with excellent protection against abrasion, damage caused by UV rays and gear pinches. Their kink-resistant design means you can tie the Airflex hose into a knot and still have continuous air flow. Burst pressure is several times that of traditional rubber hoses and our Airflex hoses are suitable for use with any gas mixture normally used for diving applications.

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