Dive Rite Stage Bottle Rigging

Dive Rite Stage Bottle Rigging
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  • Item #: GM2053-X
  • Manufacturer: Dive Rite
  • Condition: New

Our Stage Bottle Rigging comes with everything a diver needs to correctly set up secondary bottles for years of technical diving. Our 1-inch (2.54 cm) nylon webbing with 2,200 lbs (998 kgs) tensile strength forms the carrying strap. Resistant to breakage, rot and splitting, nylon webbing creates a durable and long-lasting foundation for stage rigging, yet can be cut free in case of entanglement.

Rugged EPDM rubber hose retainer band resists rolling and tearing and has the right amount of stretch. A large webbing loop on the retainer is easy to grip even with gloves on. Marine grade stainless steel cylinder clamps and hardware are saltwater ready and resistant to corrosion.

A 5/8-inch piece of tubular webbing cover the tank clamp and screw for abrasion protection. A longer piece of black plastic tubing slides over the nylon webbing to form a comfortable handle on the carrying strap. Assembled as a kit, divers have a choice between GM2053-7, for 7-inch diameter cylinders or GM2053-5, for 5-inch diameter cylinders. Both come with XL stainless bolt snaps. Made in the USA.

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