Intova Universal Adapter - USB Charger

Intova Universal Adapter - USB Charger
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  • Item #: USB-CH
  • Manufacturer: Intova
  • Condition: New

Compact design provides AV adapters for global usage and 2 USB charging ports with 5v 1000mah output. Adapts plugs in over 160 countries and allows 2 USB devices to charge at the same time.  Model# USB-CH
IMPORTANT NOTE:USB-CH is not a voltage transformer-it is only a plug adapter. Make sure your device is multi-voltage before use in foreign countries.

• 2 USB ports: output 5V DC, 1A max
• LED indicators for AC/USB power status
• US, UK, EU, AU adapter plugs included
• Fuse provides surge protection
• Spare fuse included
• Input: 110-250V, 3A

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