Lavacore Extreme Long Sleeve Shirt Woman

Lavacore Extreme Long Sleeve Shirt Woman
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  • Item #: 873.4027.XX
  • Manufacturer: Lavacore
  • Condition: New

Requiring a bombproof garment for all watersports in a variety of weather? The Extreme Long Sleeve Shirt incorporates Merino, Polytherm and Neoprene into specific panels, creating just like the name, an Extreme water sports top.

  • Gray Polytherm fabric on outer arms
  • Neoprene cuff with gripper seals
  • Merino side panel, underarm panel without membrane for breathability
  • Neoprene torso with petite screen skin treatment
  • Black Polytherm/Membrane/Merino stomach and lower back panel
  • T2B Connecting System - Elastic loops to cinch with pants/shorts
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