Mares Octopus Prestige

Mares Octopus Prestige
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  • Item #: 416526
  • Manufacturer: Mares
  • Condition: New

Octopus Prestige

Compact and lightweight

• Sturdy and durable
• Superior resistance to abrasion
• Hi-Viz yellow cover and hose

A mid-size octopus with a stylish design, strengthened by the ultimate
technologies to grant steady, natural and effortless breathing. Easy to use
soft purge diaphragm with Mesh Grid.

All current in line Mares Regulators are compatible up to 40% Oxygen (EAN 40) right out of the box.

Product Details

Code: 416526
Material: Technopolymer
Second stage weight (g): 390
Oil/Dry cold water kit: -
Nitrox: -

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