McNett Aquaseal® & Cotol-240™

McNett Aquaseal® & Cotol-240™
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  • Item #: 11114
  • Manufacturer: McNett
  • Condition: New

Aquaseal® & Cotol-240™ Flexible Adhesive and Cure Accelerator for Fast, Permanent Repairs

Some things are made for each other, like Cotol-240™ Cure Accelerator and Aquaseal® repair adhesive by M Essentials™.  Aquaseal repairs tears and rips in dive equipment and watersports gear.  Cotol-240 improves those repairs by cleaning the surface adn speeding dry time to two hours.

Don't let a rip or a tear stop you.  Repair it fast with a combination of Aquaseal and Cotol-240 and keep your gear going as long as you do.

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