Oceanic Delta 4 Octopus w/Maxflex

Oceanic Delta 4 Octopus w/Maxflex
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Introduced in 1989, the Delta has been refined and updated over the years. The latest version, the Delta 4, is one of only two Oceanic second stages with AVS the Adjustable Venturi System. This allows the diver to adjust inhalation effort so the second stage won't freeflow during shore entries or long surface swims. Additionally, the Delta 4.1 has Oceanic's patented Dynamic Adjustment feature. This lets a diver set breathing resistance. The adjustment only needs to be made once; the Delta 4.1 maintains the setting no matter the depth of the dive.

The Delta 4's ABS/Polycarbonate housing and anodized aluminum cover ring are exceptionally tough. They weigh just 6.8 ounces and, along with orthodontic mouthpiece, produce minimal jaw fatigue no matter the length of the dive.

The Delta 4 is now offered as an Octopus by Coral Edge Adventures with a Neon Yellow 36" Maxflex hose.  A great pair up to any Oceanic regulator for ease and comfortable breathing off your alternate second stage.

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