Storm Whistle

Storm Whistle
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  • Item #: SP023X
  • Manufacturer: Trident
  • Condition: New

From emergency TORNADO preparedness to personal use to professional sports and safety distribution, the Storm is recognized the world over as the best performing, loudest whistle available. Rescue professionals depend on the Storm for land and sea operations worldwide. The revolutionary NEW Storm Safety and Survival Whistle with its' patent pended harmonic chamber is the loudest whistle on the market. So loud that the STORM can be heard over the roar of engines, cheering crowds, waves and wind. The STORM is totally waterproof and can be heard underwater. The remarkable Storm Safety Whistle is designed to save your life by generating a tone 100% louder than a standard police or safety whistle. Preferred 3 to 1 by city police officers, used by U.S. Military.

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