Waterproof W2 7mm Fullsuit

Waterproof W2 7mm Fullsuit
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  • Item #: WP-W27
  • Manufacturer: Waterproof
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Waterproof W2 7mm Fullsuit Back Zip style, 3-D Sculpted Design, Dense Knitted Plush Lining, Double Seals. 

  • Available in 5mm and 7mm (as shown) thickness
  • 5mm colors: Female: Black/Yellow, Male: Black/Blue
  • 7mm colors: Female: Black/Magenta, Male: Black/Orange
  • Back Zipper - Designed with stretch panels for enhanced comfort, flexibility and ease of entry.
  • 3-D anatomically designed with pre-bent arms,legs and panels for a superior fit.
  • Wave Flex panels are specific sculpted panels in the arms and legs allow for ultra flexibility and comfort. 
  • Dense knitted plush lining that slows waterflow over the skin for enhanced warmth and increased comfort.
  • Front gussetted neck zipper for surface comfort.
  • Generous double seals made from glide skin neoprene with zipper at arms and legs.
  • SpinePad -10mm thick and designed for additional protection to kidney and spine areas.
  • ZipperSeal - Open cell neoprene on each side of the zipper for the ultimate dry seal.
  • Knee pads - 3-D molded vulcanized rubber kneepads. A unique design that enables unrestricted leg movements via the “hinge effect”.
  • Wrist Computer Anti-slip - Provides an anti-slip section on wrist to mount a computer.
  • High quality Microcell CR Neoprene.
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