XS Scuba Xtreme Miflex Hose-40"

XS Scuba Xtreme Miflex Hose-40"
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  • Item #: MLP40YL
  • Manufacturer: XS Scuba
  • Condition: New

Patent-pending MIFLEX double braiding design

MIFLEX hoses feature an external nylon safety braiding designed to outperform and outlive traditional rubber hoses

  • Polyurethane compound liner
  • Polyester inner layer with nylon outer layer braiding
  • Fittings and sleeves of UNI EN12164 CW 614N chrome plated brass
  • MIFLEX braided hoses are tightly bound and fixed to the hose core by brass sleeves
  • Double braiding also resists UV rays out of the water, extending the life span of the hose
  • Oxygen cleaned and tested at the factory

  • Lightweight and Flexible

    • More than 30% lighter in weight when compared to rubber hoses of the same length
    • Kink-resistant design
    • Tie an MIFLEX hose into a tight knot and the flow of air remains continuous through the hose


    • Made in Italy
    • Minimum burst pressure exceeding 250 BAR (over 3600 psi) more than twice that of most rubber hoses
    • Automated assembly and testing lines designed and manufactured exclusively for MIFLEX
    • Each and every MIFLEX hose is subjected to more than 30 individual performance and safety tests
    • Certified and tested to EN250 Standard
    • Fitting have 5.2 mm internal bore
    • Hose diameter - External 12 mm, Internal 6.5mm
    • Premium packaging doubles as a water-resistant
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