i-Torch Compact Tray Arm System

i-Torch Compact Tray Arm System
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  • Manufacturer: i-Torch
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Arm System

Take a look here and you will see our basic arm system and what is available. We will be adding more to this over time but this will at least get you started. 

Here is a shot of a basic compact tray system that has been selling well for compact point and shoots, and POV cameras (GoPro, Contour ect). This is just a guide line, it is completely customizable to any length, and as many segments of arms as you would like. You can also use an extension, to add a second handle for superior stability. (options available soon)

This basic Compact Tray with 3" arm for GoPro and Point-n-Shoot includes:

  • i-Das Aluminum YS- adapter 3"
  • Clamp with 40 degrees side-way movement
  • Standard base tray with a adjustable extensions
  • i-Das pistol handle of base tray


see below for added options. (options available soon)

BB-i05 i-Das Aluminum arm 5"
BB-i07 i-Das Aluminum arm 7"
BB-i09 i-Das Aluminum arm 9"
BB-i11 i-Das Aluminum arm 11"
BM-i03 i-Das Aluminum YS- adaptor arm 3"
BM-i05 i-Das Aluminum YS- adaptor arm 5"
BM-i07 i-Das Aluminum YS- adaptor arm 7"
BM-i09 i-Das Aluminum YS- adaptor arm 9"
CL-140 Clamp with 140
CL-120 Clamp with 120 degree
TR-L Double handle tray for DC and DSLR
Ex-iB direct ball base adaptor
HD-GN i-Das pistol handle for base tray


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